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Welcome to the Ismail Ayob and Partners Cyber Law site.

We are a South African Law firm situated in Johannesburg and in Pretoria.

On this web site you will find information about us, free legal advice and free legal documents.

The law firm Ismail Ayob & Partners was established in 1972 and it has been in continuous legal practice in Johannesburg since that date. In recent years it has also operated a branch in Pretoria. It has close links with lawyers in the neighbouring countries and can offer legal services in these countries to international clients.

The main thrust of the law firm in its early years was in Human Rights law, acting for opponents of the then Apartheid government. Since the advent of a democratic order, the firm has moved seamlessly into Conveyancing, Litigation and Debt Collection, Banking and Business Law. In recent years it has expanded its scope of activities into Environment, Intellectual Property, e-Commerce, Insurance and Trusts.

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